Dental Floss and Toxins

Toxins are a part of our world, it’s unavoidable.  But toxins that we voluntarily put in our body are avoidable.  This is an article posted in USA Today on January 10, 2019 which cautions against using floss that is treated with PFAS, a potentially toxic chemical used as a gliding agent.  I would suggest reading this article and looking at the links associated with it to make an informed decision regarding what you put in your mouth.


Clink on this link for the article or look at the address listed below:

Also, here is an explanation by the Environmental Protection Agency about what PFAS’s are and why they are a concern for our health:

Published by Cindy’s Tooth Truths

Cindy Iglinski has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 25 years. She is the mother of two boys, Spencer and Clayton, and is the wife of her husband, David, who is her biggest fan. She has an enthusiasm for learning and loves to teach people of all ages. She has a flair for business and loves to see prosperity and success. She is an advocate of self-improvement and mentors people to be empowered through knowledge. In her spare time she enjoys playing her violin, hiking, cooking, and traveling.

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